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Summer or winter, the Bavarian tradition - so they say in Bavaria - has five seasons!

The fifth season often refers to the time of the Autumn Festival in our region. This is not easy to explain - you just have to experience it.


You‘ll discover countless Bavarian experiences in the beautiful beer gardens in the area. Whether it‘s a hearty barbecue with music in the summer - or on autumn and winter days the cosy lounges with zither music, one thing remains constant: A real experience in Bavarian hospitality.

  • Barbecues, brunch, alpine farming, farmer economy
  • Raising the Maypole, Thanksgiving or Kirtan music
  • Dance events throughout the summer
  • Flint Bacher Carnival
  • Horgascht
  • Rosenheim Autumn Festival, with the famous Ochsenbraterei
  • ........

... everywhere - plenty of Bavarian tradition, from meetings in a beer garden or the Autumn Festival in Rosenheim, to the Oktoberfest in Munich.


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