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And everywhere - lots of Bavarian customs, when visiting the hearty beer garden, the autumn festival in Rosenheim, all the way to the Oktoberfest in Munich.

In Upper Bavaria - so tradition says - there are five seasons!

The fifth season in our area is often referred to as the time of the autumn festival. This is not easy to explain - you simply have to have experienced it.

You will encounter countless Bavarian experiences in the wonderful beer gardens in the area. Whether it is a hearty barbecue evening with music in summer or the cosy Stuben with zither music in autumn and the winter days, one thing remains for every guest: a real experience in Bavarian cosiness.

  • Barbecue evenings, morning pub, alpine pasture inn, farmhouse inn
  • Maypole raising to harvest festival or church music
  • Dancing events throughout the summer
  • Flintsbacher carnival
  • Horgascht
  • Autumn festival in Rosenheim, with the famous ox roast
  • .......

And everywhere - lots of Bavarian customs, from the hearty beer garden or autumn festival in Rosenheim, to the Oktoberfest in Munich.

When leisure becomes an experience - then you are in

Bad Feilnbach.

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